Due Diligence

TR3 Recruitment provides two reference checks with every standard recruitment process.  Additionally, we are able to provide the following services to you in line with your requirements:

  • Identification Check: TR3 Recruitment undertakes a 100 point ID check on your behalf which involves the citing of identification documents such as passports, birth certificates, credit cards and other identifiers
  • Police Check: TR3 Recruitment engages the Federal Police to identify whether the candidate has any charges or criminal convictions in Australia.
  • Litigation Check: Although Police Checks uncover existing offences, they do not reveal dismissed offences that may be deemed relevant to their employment risk.  TR3 Recruitment is able to contact state and federal courts in order to gather such information.
  • Bankruptcy Check: This provides your business with valuable information pertaining to personal insolvency and relevant court hearings. This check is particularly pertinent as a pre-employment screening tool for Senior vacancies.
  • Verification of Employment: Our verification of employment service provides confirmation of a candidate’s employment history spanning ten years, and in some cases longer.
  • Qualifications Checks: TR3 Recruitment contacts academic institutions   in order to authenticate qualifications.
  • Verification of Professional and Association Memberships: Professional associations are contacted to verify memberships as well as dates and length of tenure.
  • Immigration Check: TR3 Recruitment can provide confirmation of working rights within Australia.
  • AML Check: AML and Counter Terrorism legislation has resulted in a stronger focus on politically exposed persons, terrorist organisations and financial sanctions. TR3 Recruitment is able to verify if the applicant in question may lead to increased risk of guidelines being breached.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you please contact us at: clients@tr3recruitment.com.au