Regional Recruitment

Recruiting for regional appointments can take a significant amount of time and resources. Geography, local economic conditions and demographic must be fully understood prior to embarking upon a candidate selection campaign. Moreover, in order for a regional recruitment campaign to be successful your recruitment consultant must be capable of thinking outside of the box and be willing to take a proactive and consultative approach to candidate identification and selection. TR3 takes a multi-faceted approach to regional recruitment which involves a combination of strategic advertising, brand advocacy, proactive candidate identification, career guidance and relocation support. 

Networks & Market Research:
TR3 uses social media and other research tools to identify suitable candidates for regional postings Australia wide. Rather than waiting for applicants to directly apply, our research model enables us to build relationships with candidates over time, alerting them to regional roles that align with their career goals and expectations. 
Local Media: Where advertising is recommended, TR3 will research local media to ensure that the publications in circulation within the given community are being considered and utilised.  
Parallel and Concentric Localities: TR3 will research townships with similar demographical and industry data to uncover candidates who already have hands on experience living and working within similar regional communities.  
Former Residents: It is very common for candidates within the professional services sector to move to our capital cities to complete their university qualifications and gain relevant career experience. Many of these individuals plan to return home to raise their families, continue family tradition or for lifestyle reasons. TR3 records such ‘biodata’ for all candidates interviewed and as such is in a position to alert them to suitable positions in their home towns.  

Brand & Opportunity Advocacy
It is common for candidates who are either currently fulfilling regional placements or considering a move to seek to develop a closer understanding of the organisational strategy, culture and points of difference of their prospective employee. It is therefore necessary for your consultant to have developed a thorough understanding of your value proposition and points of difference. TR3 will not only position as a brand advocate, but an advocate to the regional centre in question as this is an essential component of influencing your desired outcome. ‘Inbox recruitment’ is a thing of the past and this is even more apparent when recruiting for regional roles.  TR3  takes a highly proactive approach to identifying suitable candidates for your regional vacancy which involves the use of social and other referral networks coupled with proactive candidate contact where appropriate and necessary. 

Career Guidance
Most candidates are seeking to make a career move that will provide professional advancement. At times, due to candidate shortages and the relative autonomy provided to regional incumbents in relation to their metropolitan counterparts, rapid career progression can result from a regional posting. In understanding candidate motivators, TR3 is able to have meaningful conversations with our candidate pool when it comes to taking the difficult decision of making a regional move. 

Relocation Support
TR3 is able to provide support to candidates who are relocating for work purposes. Services provided include:  Destination Orientation Services, Home Selection, School Selection, Migration and Visa, Relocation Policy Review, Cross Cultural Coaching & Remuneration Services.