This document incorporates the Privacy Regulation 2013 amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 that came into effect on 1 July 2018 to ensure the responsible handling of any person information provided to TR3 Recruitment. In order to comply with relevant legislation and regulations, we ask that you read this information carefully and retain a copy of this document for future reference.

This document explains why and how we collect personal information, and how we maintain and use that information. It also provides some detail about your privacy rights along with our general rights and obligations in relation to the personal information we keep on record. Only information that is required for our professional purposes will be sought and collected.

Personal information is any information or opinion about an individual and may include everyday information such as name and contact details, to more sensitive information such as medical history. It also includes work experience, qualifications, aptitude or other test results, as well as others’ opinions of individuals including reference checks, beliefs regarding physical or working conditions, or other relevant factors that may need to be disclosed.

Sensitive information can only be disclosed to nominated parties with the individual’s consent. Sensitive information is collected in strict accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). In the case of psychological appraisal, this will include the results of an individual’s assessment. TR3 Recruitment can legally request any personal information from an individual as long as both parties reasonably believe that the collection, use or disclosure is necessary for the individual’s activities or engagement of business with TR3 Recruitment.

The information obtained during an interview, psychological appraisal, or throughout business engagement is collected for the purpose of preparing an assessment summary that may be used for recruitment, selection, development, or career counselling. The information gathered directly from an individual may be collected by using psychological assessment tools that psychologists consider will provide necessary and appropriate information for the appraisal, or through the curriculum vitae, or the TR3 Recruitment interview process. Other necessary information TR3 Recruitment might gather in our assessment might include relevant job-specific information (eg, job description), in the case of recruitment, and information from other sources including referees and police checks. This assists us in ensuring the information collected is as accurate, relevant, current, and complete as possible.

The information gathered from psychometric appraisals may also be used for research purposes and statistical analysis to enhance the reliability of this assessment process. To ensure an individual cannot be personally identified during research, your data will be made anonymous by deleting your name and other identifying information.

TR3 Recruitment takes all reasonable steps to protect individuals’ personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification, and disclosure.

Safety measures in place to protect an individual’s privacy include:

  • Secure office storage allowing only authorised personnel access to your information;
  • Computerised databases requiring login and passwords to gain assess;
  • Employees bound by confidentiality agreements regarding company and client information;
  • Secure methods to destroy or de-identify personal information as soon as the law permits and provides that the information is no longer needed;
  • Individuals will be immediately notified by TR3 Recruitment should any of its employees recognise any misuse or misconduct regarding an individual’s personal or sensitive information.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982, any individual can personally gain access to their personal information through written contact with TR3 Recruitment. TR3 Recruitment will contact with the individual within 14 business days to notify them of receiving the request, and within 30 business days to disclose the personal information requested if the request is believed reasonable and compliant with State and Federal legislation and regulations.

As per APP legislation, information requests regarding psychometric testing and analysis may not necessarily permit individuals full access to the results in detail due to the evaluative nature of the material obtained. However, when an assessment has been conducted for recruitment or selection purposes, consistent with APP, access to psychological data is only available after the outcome of an individuals’ candidacy is known in order to avoid any interference across the selection process.

To access the latest version of the Frequently Asked Questions sheet regarding Freedom of Information 1982 and Privacy Act 1988, follow the link to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner:

In order for TR3 Recruitment to provide individuals with the best possible service and to ensure that clients are provided with accurate and current information, we require that individuals adhere to the following guidelines in any dealings or business activities with TR3 Recruitment:

  • Any information provided to TR3 Recruitment by individuals is accurate and current to the best of their knowledge;
  • TR3 Recruitment must be notified as soon as reasonably possible if or when an individual’s employment situation changes, and no longer wishes to be notified about opportunities;
  • Individuals who consent to TR3 Recruitment forwarding details to a client for any reason will not subsequently seek or agree to alternative representation to the client from another agency or third party or apply directly for the position.
  • Individuals will expressly advise TR3 Recruitment of any criminal infringements or professional disqualifications that could impact upon an employment applications within the Financial Services industry, inclusive of Fraud, Larson, Bankruptcy, ASIC disqualification, etc;
  • Individuals will disclose any conditions that may impact or hinder their ability to carry out employment.

If you wish to contact TR3 Recruitment about matters concerning your personal or sensitive information, you should contact the business at You can also visit the website at for more information.

If you believe TR3 Recruitment has interfered with your privacy, a set procedure is established to assist in resolving any grievances. By contacting the email address above, a set process will be followed to resolve the issue. For more information on privacy, go to the Office of Australian Information Commissioner at or contact them at 1300 363 992 or