Recruitment Services

In order to cater to your every business need, TR3 Recruitment offers Executive, Permanent, Temporary and Contractor placements.

Twelve month candidate replacement guarantee
We’re focussed on quality and building long term relationships with our clients and as a result we aren’t in the business of making quick wins. We understand just how important it is to get things right when it comes to recruiting your next team member and therefore, guarantee on permanent placement for 12 months (conditions apply).

Permanent, Exclusive, Retained or Temporary placements
Every recruitment requirement is different. Your budget may vary in relation to the seniority of the appointment and business need at the time. TR3 Recruitment is able to tailor a process to your requirements and can provide anything from a short term temporary staff member to assist you to overcome a peak in workload, to an executive appointment.

Free Psychometric Testing
Psychometric testing not only helps to predict future performance, but it can also help you understand your new employee’s preferences from a developmental and learning styles perspective. For every candidate that we place, we offer a free psychometric report that will assist you to understand how to train and manage your new recruit.

Tailored behavioural interview
All of our consultants are trained in behavioural interviewing. Before embarking on a candidate interview process we always seek to ensure that our questions are selected to measure the unique competencies that you are seeking.

Free online time-sheeting (for temporary and contractor placements)
Our e-time sheeting system ‘Time Genie’ enables us to capture employee hours and your consent online.

Market Specialists
Our consultants work within ‘vertical markets’ and as such, are able to take a national view when recruiting for your vacancy. TR3 Recruitment has been highly successful in recruiting and selecting for regional positions as well as identifying candidates who are seeking or willing to relocate for their next role.

Regional Recruitment
Recruiting for regional appointments can take a significant amount of time and resources. Geography, commercial nuances and local community culture must be fully understood prior to embarking upon a candidate selection campaign. TR3 Recruitment takes a multi-faceted approach to regional recruitment which involves a combination of strategic advertising, brand advocacy, proactive candidate identification, career guidance and relocation support.

Workforce reduction can be challenging and sensitive. TR3 Recruitment can provide employees who have been made redundant or voluntarily exited your business with valuable career guidance and support; improving their chances of returning to meaningful employment.

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